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Fighting For Our Community



Making a Difference

The First Round foundation is "the first round in the fight for our youth and inner city committees" We are a Fitness/Boxing based organisation that strongly believes in guiding supporting and motivating young people through the means of sport with a wholistic approach, we aim to help local school and authorities with providing services for young students to help tackle both health related and the current epidemic of youth violence,



Its not all about boxing

Most of our efforts around this element of the program involve studying new approaches and developing new innovative ways to implement them. we not only want participants to learn about boxing but have an understanding on the physiology at work which allows us to move our bodies each and every way when training.  We evaluate our success in this field by gathering feedback forms reports and doing pop quizzes with students at the end of sessions.



Tackling the Issue

we have identified a few key issues within our communities that we feel boxing and our coaches can help tackle together boxing builds a strong desire to succeed, partnered with our calm but assertive training style each participant is held accountable for their success and wanting to progress we find that may people we work along side lack self esteem, self confidence, and have stated that boxing has helped with all of the above, we have identified that in this society their is a real lack of cohesion which we believe sport can break down the barriers to. together we are creating safe spaces for all and safer communities.

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